Learn How to Jump Start a Car

If you need to jump start someone else’s car, make sure you know how to do it properly. If you do not perform the start right, it can damage the vehicles. Identify the positive and negative terminals of each battery. Red or plus is positive, and black or minus is negative. The cables will be color coded also.

Once you have the cables properly clamped, run the operational car for several minutes to charge the dead battery. Try to start the dead car. It may take a few turns. Afterward be sure to drive the auto that had the dead battery around for a half hour or so to recharge the battery.

Read the owner’s manual on how the manufacturer recommends a jump start for your type of vehicle. If your battery needed jumping, it is a good idea to contact the service technicians at Cassill Motors Inc, conveniently located in Cedar Rapids, to get a complete motor inspection and replace your battery if needed.

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