Safe Towing Practices

With warm weather not far off, you may find yourself daydreaming about adding a boat to your vehicle collection. It can certainly add a great deal of enjoyment to your life, but there are some preliminary steps you need to take prior to towing it before it’s a reality. The first one is determining if your current vehicle is equipped to tow it.

You can check the owner’s manual for exact specifications on its towing capacity, including load and tongue weight. If you’ve found vehicle and boat compatibility, then move on to inspecting the trailer that will carry the boat. It needs to be in good, road-worthy condition, and that includes the wheels, tires, and lug nuts. Your vehicle will also need to be outfitted with a tow hitch that is designed to fit your make and model.

Whether you’ve just started or completed your tow package from mirrors to lights, don’t hesitate to bring it by Cassill Motors Inc in Cedar Rapids, IA for a final safety inspection. We’re here to assist you with all your vehicle needs.

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