When to Get Your Belts and Hoses Replaced

Your vehicle's engine uses a series of belts and hoses to operate efficiently. Some of these components include the timing belt and the coolant hose. It's important to get these components serviced and replaced regularly to ensure that serious problems don't occur when you're on the road.

Timing belts are responsible for keeping the camshaft, crankshaft, and distributor in sync. You'll know it's time for service when your engine starts backfiring. Signs of physical damage include broken teeth and fraying. The coolant hose delivers antifreeze liquid throughout the engine. It's an integral part of the cooling system. It can become cracked and brittle over time. This may result in leaking and an overheating engine.

You can take your vehicle to Cassill Motors Inc for service. Our team in Cedar Rapids, IA can take a closer look at your various belts and hoses to see if they need replacement. If so, we'll hook you up with new components that last.

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