Saving Your Paint Job – Applying Touch Up Paint Simplified

Here in Cedar Rapids, we take great care of our vehicles. When something threatens the integrity of something upon which we so strongly rely, we respond swiftly before the problem gets out of hand. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a bad habit of not taking scratches seriously. However, they can cause increasing damage to the paint job, and even allow horrible rust to begin to spread throughout the vehicle. This can be prevented easily with the help of touch up paint.

After cleaning the scratch with warm water and soap, discern how deep scratch is. If it’s shallow, you need only sanded smooth with 220 grit sandpaper. You also needn’t apply any primer. However, if it’s deep enough, you’ll need to use 600 grit sandpaper, after which you may need to apply some primer. Once you have a smooth surface, you just have to apply the paint with a small, precise tool. Honestly, something like a toothpick, matchstick, or small fine brush will do just fine.

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