Maintain Traction for Increased Safety

No matter the size of the vehicle, it's important for the tires to maintain firm contact with roadways as possible. Unfortunately, inclement weather conditions that accompany winter seasons can produce rain, ice, and snow. All of these can adversely affect the relationship between the tire and roadway.

As such, it is of key importance for drivers to find effective ways to maintain traction between their tires and roads. One important measure is to ensure that tires are in proper condition. This can mean that drivers may need to switch out their summer tires for winter tires. Winter season tires offer significant advantages that include larger grooves and softer rubbers.

Drivers should always reduce speed when operating on questionable road surfaces. Icy or snowy roadways can quickly cause vehicles to swerve or skid, often with unfortunate consequences. Drivers who are moving at slower speeds and still begin to skid should immediately release gas pedals and steer in the direction of the rear end. Drivers who experience front-end skids should also let off the accelerator, and when the vehicle decelerates traction should be restored. In all situations, drivers should use the brakes very gingerly if at all.

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