Winterize Your Vehicle with New Wiper Blades

When winter hits, it can hit hard. Snow and ice can lead to problems on the road, creating hazardous conditions and sometimes causing accidents. In addition to making sure your fluids are topped off, your tires are in good condition, and that you're regularly checking the weather reports, you can also take a look at your wiper blades.

It's recommended that wiper blades be changed every six months. Over this period, the material can start to deteriorate, preventing the squeegee from making optimal contact with the windshield.

If you want to prepare yourself for anything, you can look for blades specifically designed to be used in the winter. They typically come with anti-clogging covers, sturdy frames, and synthetic blades that can stay flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. At Cassill Motors Inc in Cedar Rapids, IA, we carry a variety of products and would be happy to help you find the right one for your vehicle.

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