Ideas About Winter Car Care

The winter can become a fun season to enjoy. However, the season also brings harsh weather that can affect your car. Rather than experience hassles and costly troubles, why not take steps to prepare your vehicle for the cold? To do so isn't usually difficult.

First, avoid the guessing game. Check the owner's manual to make sure you are up to date on service. Falling behind won't help the cause once the temperature takes a wicked drop. And read up on care tips. Not everything is in the owner's manual. Don't expect to see any suggestions to add fuel deicer to the tank in the manual.

Follow commonly recommended steps. Check the batteries, make sure there's fresh coolant in the radiator, replace old wipers, and be sure the heater works. If anything shows signs of malfunctioning, get repair work done.

Does your car need winter or other types of service? At our dealership, the service department sits waiting to help.

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