Whether you believe it or not, the automotive industry has come out with a style of vehicle that is beginning to rival the SUV body style. The crossover is the new kid on the automotive industry block, and it's making a lot of people happy. At Cassill Motors in Cedar Rapids, IA, we have a lot that we would like to tell you about this amazing style of vehicle.

One of the most important things for some families is the amount of cargo space in the back. Unfortunately, most sedans don't offer nearly enough room. But a crossover has a hatchback design so that you can put plenty in the back, and some even have a 60/40 split design back seat so that you can fit extra-long items in the back.

But people want a comfortable ride, too, and that's sorely lacking in many SUVs because of the overall design. In a crossover, even the people in the back seat get to enjoy a smooth ride.