There is a sobering statistic about automobile fatalities. Roughly 300 people are killed per year due to blind-spot accidents. That is, someone made a lane change without seeing either another car, a motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and so on. Hopefully, a blind-spot monitor can assist with reducing accidents.

Even careful drivers who look over their shoulders and in mirrors can make mistakes. And that's because of blind spots, areas outside of the driver's field of vision where even mirrors don't help. A blind-spot monitor can add another layer of assistance. Such technology warns drivers when an object, usually another vehicle, is near them.

They might not see the vehicle, but the blind-spot sensor often does. Now, a blind-spot monitor does not take any safety responsibilities off a driver's shoulder. However, the technology does lend valuable support.

At our showroom in Cedar Rapids, IA, we have many cars with blind-spot and other technological features. Come to Cassill Motors Inc to take such a model out on a test drive.