Cassill Sponsored Drivers

Cassill Motors takes great pride in sponsoring local racers from the Cedar Rapids area. Cassill Motors has been sponsoring racers for over 30 years, and has a long history of supporting local racers and racing events. Cassill Motors is known for its commitment to the community and its dedication to the sport of racing. Cassill Motors sponsors a variety of racers in different disciplines, including stock car racing, dirt track racing, and drag racing! Cassill Motors is a racing family from the track to the office. While Cassill Motors is a company that is deeply involved in the racing community, it is not a "racing family" in the traditional sense. Cassill Motors is actually owned and operated by the Cassill family, who have a strong passion for racing and have been involved in the sport for many years. Landon Cassill is a professional race car driver who has competed in a variety of racing series, including NASCAR. Landon's success on the track has helped to bring attention to the family's business, but Cassill Motors is not solely focused on racing. In addition to its involvement in the racing community, Cassill Motors is a full-service automotive dealership that sells used vehicles, provides maintenance and repair services, and offers financing options. Cassill Motors is committed to providing excellent customer service and supporting the community in a variety of ways.

You can watch our locally sponsored drivers every week from May-October at Hawkeye Downs.



Andrew Balsanek

Andrew Balsanek is Cassill Motors' Parts Manager, and has been sponsored by Cassill Motors since 2022. Andrew races Enduro's, and other drag cars! Enduro racing is a type of motorsport that involves long-distance races. Enduro racing is popular in many different forms of motorsport, including off-road racing, rally racing, and motorcycle racing. In enduro racing, the objective is not simply to be the fastest driver or rider, but to complete the race within a set time frame or distance. View Andrew's Facebook here.

Danny Lemkhul

Danny Lemkhul is a local racer that has been sponsored by Cassill Motors since 2018. Danny races Legends and Late Model's. Danny is a former Cassill Motors employee, and is great friends with the Cassill family. Legends racing is a type of auto racing that features purpose-built, scaled-down replicas of classic American cars from the 1930s and 1940s, such as Ford Coupe, Chevrolet Sedan, and Dodge Coupe. These cars are called "Legends Cars" and are designed to be affordable and provide close and competitive racing. View Danny's Facebook here.

Jeremiah Davis

Jeremiah Davis is a Cassill Motors employee. Jeremiah is apart of Cassill Motors' Sales Team, but also has a strong passion for Go Kart, and Legend racing. Jeremiah started working at Cassill Motors in 2018, and has been sponsored by Cassill Motors since then. Jeremiah had always dreamed of being a racer since he was little, and now he has a long history of successful races! View Jeremiah's Facebook here.

Nathan Ballard

Nathan Ballard is Cassill Motors' newest sponsor! On top of being a friend to the Cassill family he also is a great racer. Nathan has been racing Stockcars since 2006! He has participated in races at the West Liberty Speedway, Boone Speedway, and even the Scotland County Speedway in Missouri! Stock car racing is known for its high-speed action, close racing, and intense competition. View Nathan's Facebook here.

Tony Olson

Tony Olson has been sponsored by Cassill Motors since 2003. Tony has been racing Stockcars since the early 2000s. Tony is a longtime friend of the Cassill family. He has a long and successful record of racing, and is still racing to this day! View Tony's Facebook here.