Used Car Leasing in Cedar Rapids, IA

Incredible Lease Options at Cassill Motors in Cedar Rapids, IA

When you shop for a used car, you probably expect to buy it outright or get financed for it. Those are generally the two options for any motorist in Cedar Rapids, IA. But, when you shop at Cassill Motors, we have another option for you. Instead of signing a financing contract for 3-5 years, you can lease your vehicle for a shorter time.

Why Lease?

Leasing is a great alternative to traditional financing. Why? Because it gives you a little more financial freedom. Lease payments are usually lower than financed payments because you're not paying full depreciation costs. So, you can shave a few bucks off every bill every month and keep the option of switching your lease for a new car every couple of years. That's the freedom that comes with leasing instead of financing. Both are great choices, but it's just a matter of which one suits your driving style the best.

Used Inventory in Cedar Rapids, IA

If it's used, chances are, we have it on our lot. From classic models from 1969 to models through 2021, we have an excellent selection of used vehicles available. Luxury brands like Porsche, Audi, BMW, Lincoln are ready to enhance your driving comfort in Cedar Rapids, IA.

We also have high-performance and durable options from Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram, and more. If you need more room for your family, you'll find an SUV or pickup to give you the lift and power you need. If you're looking for sporty coupes or sedans, you can browse our inventory and find what you're looking for. Our inventory changes weekly and sometimes daily. So, if something catches your eye today, start the leasing process before someone else beats you to it.

Cassill Motors

At Cassill Motors, we're nothing short of convenient. You can shop and purchase online and take the shortcut to your driver's seat. From top-notch customer service to an extensive selection of used vehicles, there's not a better place to shop in Cedar Rapids, IA, than at Cassill Motors. Let us know how we can help you get rolling today.


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