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We have loved being your friend in the car business since 1972!
-The Cassill Family

Crystal Cassill - Title Office Manager
"I bought my first car from Cassill Motors in 2017. Shortly after that I got my first job at Cassill, as a part time office filing assistant. In 2018 I was offered a full time position as a service advisor. In 2019 I moved into my current role as the Title Office Manger.  Along the way, I also met my husband, Jeremy Cassill. We even got married in the dealership, and now we have 2 kids! I never knew when I bought a car here that I would eventually gain a family and a rewarding career."
-Crystal Cassill

We love being your friends in the car business!

If you have a story to share, contact us! We'd love to hear from you! Submit your story here!

Earl Schwartz - Dwayne's Former Co-Worker

I remember back to the era of 1966-1971 when I worked with Dwayne Cassill at the packing plant.  Dwayne was commenting that he needed to get right home after work and start working on some cars because he was starting a new business and he needed to do some mechanical work on the cars before selling them.  

After years went by, I saw Landon Cassill out racing at Hawkeye Downs when Landon was beginning his racing career. I recognized the Cassill name from working with Dwayne at the packing plant.

Many more years went by and I needed a different vehicle.  I went to Cassill Motors in March of 2021 and traded in my vehicle and purchased a handicap accessible van that I saw on the website.  Now I can travel with my wife and grandkids because of the space and accommodations in the van. I also get my van serviced at Cassill Motors and have told other people that they should come shopping here now. 

I hope to travel to Florida this winter and watch Landon race in person at Daytona.

-Earl Schwartz


We want to thank Earl for his service in the Navy, for sharing his story with us, and for being a Cassill Motors customer! 

We love being your friends in the car business!

If you have a story to share, contact us! We'd love to hear from you! Submit your story here!

Susan Houy - School Librarian & Customer

Congratulations Cassill on your 50 years of service.  It's at moments like this when you ask yourself, "So how did our relationship with Cassill begin?".  After a bit of reflection, I realized Cassill became a part of our lives LONG before we ever were in the market for a vehicle. It began in the 1990's when our youth group began to grow and Cassill would graciously rent us vans so we had safe transportation for our events. This was something youth group parents GREATLY appreciated. The blessing of Cassill was also intertwined in our lives because my parents had a respect for Cassill.  This relationship began during the days my dad was a vendor at the Noelridge Farmers Market. Over the years, their love for Chad and Stephanie allowed them a personal insight into the generosity and community support Cassill Motors was involved in. So, when we discovered Cassill had a used Uplander for sale and our need for a new vehicle was becoming very evident, the decision to buy from Cassill  just wasn't difficult since Cassill had invested in our lives over the years in so many ways.  In addition, the Service Department has never been anything but kind and professional.  And I have to be honest, the fact there were soft chairs and complimentary ice cream sandwiches in the waiting area made it much easier for our boys to wait patiently while the oil change was getting done.  Pretty sure the sweet treats, coffee, and conversation were reasons my dad loved stopping by as well. So, THANK YOU CASSILL for doing your best to provide quality vehicles to families, impeccable service and investing in your community.  May God bless your business and your family in the years ahead. 

-Susan Houy


We love being your friends in the car business!

If you have a story to share, contact us! We'd love to hear from you! Submit your story here!

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